CleanAfterMe 1.37

Clean files and registry entries, created during your regular computer work


  • Select what you want to delete
  • Fast and easy to use
  • It can be run from USB devices


  • Only works with IE for internet history

Very good
Don’t want other people or web sites to know which web pages you have visited? Worried about people finding out what you have done on your PC? Then you may want to use CleanAfterMe to take care of your privacy.

The program can remove anything from registry entries to temporary files and empty the internet cache. Of course, everything will be deleted, from the history folder to the saved passwords. You can deselect things you don’t want to be deleted, if you find useful that the browser auto-completes logins or passwords, or if you want it to save cookies to access to your personalised search page and so on.

It’s very easy to select what you would like the program to delete every time you run it, as you have a list of options which you can just deselect. Unfortunately, for those concerned with internet privacy, the program only integrates with IE and not with other browsers.

You can clean traces you leave behind after using a computer with this efficient application, although unfortunately, for internet cleaning, CleanAfterMe only works with Internet Explorer.

Removed the option to delete .eml cache files of Windows Live Mail


  • Removed the option to delete .eml cache files of Windows Live Mail


CleanAfterMe 1.37

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